Bicester Motion secures outline consent for Innovation Quarter

Bicester Motion Innovation Quarter

Bicester Motion, based at the former RAF Bicester and which plans to be the first UK’s first “automotive resort”, has secured outline consent for its “Innovation Quarter” which it plans to become home to leading international engineering and technology businesses.

The ambition behind it is to “inspire and excite” the next generation, creating skilled apprenticeship and employment opportunities in the local area and beyond. It will also provide Bicester with international exposure as a leading knowledge, innovation and technology hub.

The proposal will capitalise on the site’s internationally recognised business community and event success, its excellent location and connectivity to the Oxfordshire Science and Technology clusters as well a central location within the Oxford/Cambridge Arc.

The company which now owns the former RAF Bicester has a vision for it to become the world’s leading automotive destination for motoring past, present and future.

Chief executive Dan Geoghegan said: “By the end of the year Bicester Motion will have established a cluster of 50 businesses at its Bicester Heritage division (in the Command Works), each new to Bicester.

“The Innovation Quarter is the next step on the journey to expand the 444-acre business and leisure destination focused on motion and mobility past, present and future.

“The consent for the Innovation Quarter is a very clear signal that Cherwell district supports investment, enterprise and growth and is positioning itself for the post-Covid economic recovery.

“It’s a great place to do business, without a doubt the relationship with the local authority has enabled Bicester Motion to get on delivering whilst others are still talking about it.”

Bicester Heritage, which forms part of Bicester Motion, is the UK’s only centre for historic motoring excellence and is the national centre for a £5.5 billion per annum industry that employs more than 34,000 skilled people. Founded in 2013 Bicester Heritage has gone from a standing start to a home for 40 specialist businesses, and growing, with a collective turnover of more than £40 million.