Bicester Aerodrome Company takes off

Bicester Aerodrome Company

A new company, called the Bicester Aerodrome Company, has been formed to operate the airfield at Bicester Motion.

In line with Bicester Motion’s vision for the historic airfield, the new company will oversee aviation operations at the airfield which seeks to encourage a more diverse aviation culture and activity. With over 20 historic aircraft already resident and committed to the new aviation season, the plan is to improve facilities and activity in order to safeguard flying as part of the masterplan to regenerate the former RAF Bicester.

The aerodrome has a long history of flight, some say as early as 1911 when a Bristol Boxkite reputedly landed on the field which became RFC Bicester in 1916 and RAF Bicester in 1918, at a time when aviation represented the height of technology and engineering endeavour, excitement and experience. Bicester Motion plans to build on this history to secure the viability of the facility for the long term.

The previous operator, Bicester Gliding Club, has confirmed that it will not take-up an offer to continue its activities, as they do not believe their gliding operations fit with Bicester Motion’s vision for the airfield’s future. It has announced to its members, however, that it is in active discussions with local gliding clubs and hopes to keep the leisure and sports amenity within Cherwell.

Dan Geoghegan, Chief Executive of Bicester Motion, said: “We look forward to building on the rich history of the aerodrome and giving it the opportunity for economic viability whilst being a central component of our plan for Bicester Motion to create a tourism destination that celebrates the innovation, culture and technology surrounding mobility.”

Sarah-Jane Curtis, Property Director at Bicester Motion, added: “As well as a valuable source of jobs and amenity for the locality, it will provide a unique opportunity for Bicester to build its tourism and leisure offering, benefiting not just the town but the region and country as a whole.”

Dan said: “We have welcomed the knowledge and experience of Bicester Gliding Club and have thanked them for this. We hope that they will accept our invitation to fly in to visit the aerodrome in the future. Meanwhile we wish them every success with their future plans and the opportunities it will bring the sport.”