Beauhurst reveals most Active Angel Networks in the UK


Angel networks—or angel groups—have become an important source of funding for entrepreneurs in the early stages of startup growth, either alongside or as an alternative to traditional venture capital firms. Research company Beauhurst has ranked the most active angel networks in the United Kingdom between 2011 and 2021.

Between 2011 and 2021, the research company tracked 2,046 fundraisings into UK companies that involved participation from angel networks. Altogether, these rounds had a combined worth of £2.31b.

Of the 1,276 companies that received investment from angel networks during this time, 115 of them  have since exited the private market, either through an IPO or an acquisition.

At the time of investment, 45 per cent of businesses were operating at the seed stage, while 46 per cent were categorised as venture-stage companies. Whereas, just eight per cent were at the growth stage and two per cent established, reflecting a strong preference by angel networks for investing in early-stage businesses with considerable growth potential.

Most of the UK’s most active angel networks have roots in either London or Edinburgh, but there are several other hubs for angel investors across the UK, including Glasgow, Cambridge, Oxford and Bristol. Whilst many of these groups consider opportunities from all over the country, most prefer to focus funding on their local areas.

Around 44 per cent of the companies that have received angel network investment since 2011 were technology or IP-based businesses. Angel groups invest across a wide range of industries, however, and several of the networks listed in this article specialise in niches such as social impact investments.

Roderick Beer, Managing Director at UKBAA, said: “Angel groups are growing up—not only are they increasing the amount of investment that they deploy but also they’re becoming more professionalised, with many groups now operating sidecar investment funds.”

The UK’s Most Active Angel Networks

  • 01. Envestors
  • 02. Minerva Business Angel Network
  • 03. Cambridge Angels
  • 04. 24Haymarket
  • 05. Archangels
  • 06. Equity Gap
  • 07. Newable Ventures
  • 08. TRI Capital
  • 09. Kelvin Capital
  • 10. OION
  • 11. Dragons’ Den
  • 12. Angels Den
  • 13. GC Angels
  • 14. Ascension Syndicate Club
  • 15. Cambridge Capital Group
  • 16. Bristol Private Equity Club
  • 17. Gabriel Investment Syndicate
  • 18. Connectd
  • 19. London & Scottish Investment Partners
  • 20. Green Angel Syndicate
  • 21. Highland Venture Capital
  • 22. Eos Advisory
  • 23. Wales Angel Co-Investment Fund
  • 24. Angel Academe

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