Baxi heating scoops industry award for hydrogen boiler innovation

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Baxi R&D testing 100per cent hydrogen boiler[2]

Baxi Heating’s development of a boiler fuelled by hydrogen has won the innovation category at the Gas Industry Awards.

Hydrogen is an energy carrier which can be created at volume. Both blue and green hydrogen offer zero carbon heat at the point of use.

Blue hydrogen is produced from natural gas, usually via steam-reforming, with carbon capture storage (CCS).

Green hydrogen is produced using renewable electricity for electrolysis, to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Karen Boswell OBE, Managing Director of the Warwick based company, said: “As a leading player in the British heating and hot water industry we are determined to play our part in achieving the goal of being a net-zero economy.

“We are developing technologies that will help customers to heat their homes and businesses without warming the planet, and hydrogen should play an important role as it produces no greenhouse gases at the point of use.”

Baxi’s Sustainability Pledge, launched last year, will ensure that every product it makes will work with low carbon energy by 2025.

Around 85 per cent of UK homes rely on the natural gas grid for heating. Repurposing it to transport green gas offers a low disruption option towards decarbonising the existing building stock.

Baxi’s boilers currently being tested will run completely on hydrogen.

Its parent company, BDR Thermea Group, has a hydrogen boiler on a field trial in the Netherlands.

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