Award-winning Trading Through Brexit service relaunched by Business West

Business West Trading Through Brexit hub

Business support organisation Business West’s award-winning Trading Through Brexit service, which has helped thousands of businesses address their biggest issues related to leaving the EU, has been relaunched as the end of the Brexit transition period looms.

The Business West Trading Through Brexit hub is available to help enable businesses make crucial last-minute adjustments to the way they operate.

Regardless of whether or not the UK reaches a deal with EU ahead of deadline, businesses will still need to complete extra paperwork when importing or exporting goods, as well as complying with stricter immigration laws, amongst other issues.

The revamped Trading Through Brexit hub provides businesses with quick and easy access to a number of different online and offline resources, including  signposting to the latest government advice, a brokerage service for importers and exporters, takes the hassle out of new paperwork and access to specialist support services designed to help businesses navigate through the disruption caused by Brexit  .

New visitors to the site also have the option to sign up to receive regular insights and information by email as the latest advice is updated.

Bristol-based engineering company AVPE has received extensive support through the Trading Through Brexit programme and comment. A company spokesperson said: “We asked Business West to help us better understand the potential impacts of Brexit on our business. All advice was comprehensive: Business West managed to disseminate detailed technical information into far more understandable layman’s terms. My team now have a far better grasp on the challenges we face and how we need to amend our internal processes and systems accordingly.”

Business West Managing Director Phil Smith added: “Business West has been the leading authority on business and Brexit in the South West since the referendum was announced in 2015.

“Working side by side with the business community, our policy team has been instrumental in enabling businesses to prepare for Brexit throughout this period. The TTB hub was a natural next step to allow more and more businesses to benefit from our advice online.

“As we enter this crucial period, with less than 40 days to go until the transition period ends, this timely digital reboot will enable businesses to find the information and resources they need to prepare for Brexit fast.”

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