Atkins and Tokamak Energy join forces to plan for next fusion reactor

Atkins and Tokamak Energy join forces

Tokamak Energy, based at Milton Park, Oxfordshire, has engaged Atkins, member of the SNC-Lavalin group, to help establish the costs, concept design and timeline for the first ever fusion facility to generate more energy than it consumes. This is the first stage of a partnership that should evolve to deliver a fusion device to put energy into the grid.

A tokamak is the most developed magnetic confinement system and is the basis for the design of future fusion reactors using this method. The tokamak at the centre of this installation is expected to be about 3-4 times larger than Tokamak Energy’s current prototype device, the ST40.

Tokamak Energy is private fusion energy venture, having already designed and built three experimental tokamak devices to prove the potential of its spherical compact design. Atkins will help tackle the regulatory and engineering challenges in bringing the technology to market in the future. Tokamak Energy is aiming to produce temperatures of 100 million degrees Celsius in its current prototype – the ST40 – in 2018. This is in the temperature range required to sustain a fusion reaction.

Dr David Kingham, Executive Vice Chairman of Tokamak Energy, said: “The success of our compact spherical tokamaks and our theoretical work has established a clear route to fusion power, with an aim to get energy into the grid by 2030.”