As UK’s laundry trade sector suffers staff shortages, on-demand sustainable laundry firm Oxwash cleans up

Oxwash London

Like practically every other UK service sector at the moment, the laundry trade is suffering from staff shortages and logistics nightmares.

Laundry supply chains and hotels across the UK are struggling to keep up with demand for basic requirements of clean bed sheets and linen – with some hotels even delaying guest check-ins, despite the summer holiday season having ended.

But sustainable laundry service Oxwash, which has seen a 215 per cent surge in new customers as businesses and consumers seek alternatives to their usual laundry services, due to the slow turnaround for regular orders.

Oxford-based Oxwash secures £2 million including from Holly and Sam Branson to clean up laundry sector

Oxwash  has revolutionised the washing industry with its next generation, super speedy, eco cleaning and reliable logistics platforms.

The sustainable laundry firm serves clients such as the NHS, luxury fashion rental businesses such as HURR, My Wardrobe HQ, Something Borrowed, Rotaro amongst others, as well as consumers.

Oxwash Lifestyle 1With no-contact delivery and high levels of disinfection, Oxwash was chosen to sterilize items used during the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine trial, as well as supporting the NHS front line, so the recent rise in customers comes with no sweat for the laundry firm.

“We’ve seen a huge increase in customer orders over the past week, due to staff shortages across hotels and laundry services struggling to keep up with the demand for their usual services,” said Dr Kyle Grant, co-founder of Oxwash.

“No matter what, we turn up on time, come rain or shine, take away your laundry basket and wash your items in a better way, so that they last longer.”

“Our processes kill bacteria through a three stage approach: ozone disinfection, chemical sterilisation and thermal decontamination, reducing 99.99999% of infections – 100 times better than the NHS standard.”

“We identified a way to re-engineer the laundry process from the ground up and to be the first truly sustainable, space-age laundry company in the world”

With last week also marking the biggest return of workers to the office since the pandemic started, over 50% of orders placed via the Oxwash website and app were for suit jackets.

“Orders in suit jackets has increased tremendously throughout the past week as many have booted and suited up for the return to the office”

“Our process marries the delicate balance of human touch with sustainable methods, designed to treat your items delicately and appropriately.”

A typical service is £15 for one mixed mag weighing 8kg. and laundered items are pressed, folded and returned with care between 24-48 hours.