As face masks become compulsory, the eyes have it….

Steve Douch

In this new pandemic world where only the top half of the face is seen, forget lipstick and blusher, it’s the eyes which have it.

And local permanent make-up artist Steve Douch is one person in the beauty sector who has reported a 200 per cent increase in treatments that accentuate the eyes such as microblading, compared to the same period last year.

Since salons were forced to close back in March the beauty industry has been hugely affected. The very nature of their work requires face to face contact and so re-opening was always going to be a challenge. During lockdown the sales of skincare went up as the majority of people were working from home and there was more of a focus on hygiene; however, make-up sales suffered a huge decline with 55 per cent of female facial skincare users reporting that have now reduced how often they wear make-up.

Steve Douch, director at STV Cosmetics in Cheltenham had to close his studio for more than three months and said it was a struggle, “Obviously for everyone in the beauty world it was a very scary and worrying time and there were moments that I wondered if we would have an industry to go back to. But we have brushed ourselves off and got back up again and business is starting to look more encouraging.

A post-pandemic make-up trend has taken place now that we have adopted the wearing of facemasks into our daily routines with a shift away from lush lips and contoured cheek bones, to bold lashes and sultry eyes. With more of a focus on the upper part of the face, this season is now all about enhancing brows and making the eyes standout.”

STV Cosmetics has seen a significant increase in demand for eye-centred treatments such as microblading, a semi-permanent technique that redefines eyebrows; lash lifts for added fullness and depth of eyelash colour and semi-permanent eyeliner and eye shadow.