Arm yourself with information at the CII Cyber Bites Seminars

C11 Cyber skills training

The new C11 Cyber Security and Digital Centre  which opened earlier this year at Berkeley in Gloucestershire, is running a series of Cyber Bites seminars, designed to arm you with the skills to protect your business from cyber attack. The four-hour seminars are packed full of practical solutions and exercises to help tackle a variety of situations.

Business Continuity on Thursday 17th May 2018 led by Jasvinda Mahrra

Business continuity is an essential requirement in the event of an incident affecting the regular operation of your organisation. With the scale and frequency of cyber attacks against businesses, understanding how to test your plans for business continuity is a necessary yet neglected aspect among many organisations.

Risk Reduction: Practical Solutions on Thursday 21st June 2018 led by Danny Steed

A range of practical solutions available for organisations to put in place to reduce risk. By exploring the practical solutions available, you can learn immediately how to harden your own security.

The Human Dimension Culture and Cyber Security on Thursday 19th July led by Jim Wheeler

A great temptation in cyber security is to focus exclusively on technology, but the human element can be just as important.  Jim will provide best practice advice on how to change and drive a cyber-aware culture throughout your business.

Each seminar will provide practical demonstrations and exercises to try new techniques, test ideas in a safe environment. 

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