Arkivum appoints life sciences professional to expanding team

Arkivum's Rob Jones
Arkivum Rob Jones

Reading-based Arkivum which helps companies secure long-term access to their files and documents, has appointed Rob Jones as its Principle Business Consultant and Martin Faria as Engineering Manager.

The new appointments follow Arkivum securing more than £1.5 million in funding last year from private equity investment firm Growthdeck alongside existing investors, IP Group and Parkwalk.

Martin joins Arkivum from Oxford-based Blackchair where he spent five years transforming the business from a small start-up into an organisation comprising of high performing teams, repeatable processes and management systems.

During that time, Martin worked across the organisation delivering support and professional services before heading up the engineering function to launch its first SaaS offering.

Martin brings his broad experience, a love of snowboarding and a craving for strong tea to Arkivum, says the company.

Martin said: “The company is ideally positioned for growth on the back of a major product update as it targets the life sciences industry. At the same time, Arkivum has been selected as a supplier for the ARCHIVER project, so I join the team as the company seeks to grow and transform to ensure continued success.”

Rob joins Arkivum from Amersham-based Phlexglobal, where he spent nearly three years.

Rob has dedicated his career to the field of Life Sciences and has spent his time working for CRO’s, Sponsors and Technology Vendors.

Rob said: “Arkivum is such a fascinating company to join, their background and success in preservation across other sectors is something that the life sciences industry has been missing for many years now.

The move to digital solutions has allowed for so many advancements to be realised, however, this has also created problems for organisations regarding the need to retain data for long periods of time.

Arkivum is offering the industry a chance to ensure information is remains preserved, accessible and discoverable for many years to come. The strides they have taken to ensure they offer a validated and quality solution shows the focus Arkivum is giving to this industry, and I am excited to be part of the company and to be part of what comes next.”

Arkivum CEO, Chris Sigley said: “The Arkivum team is growing, and I’m delighted that Martin and Rob have joined us. Both will have a big role to play in our continued success as we embark on the next phase of our ambitious and exciting plans for Arkivum.