Are you ready for digital transformation in the workplace?

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Is talent, rather than technology, the answer to successful digital transformation?

Every organisation in the UK, irrespective of industry, location, size or scale of operation, is having to gear up for digital transformation in some form. In delaying the adoption of new technologies organisations risk both inhibiting their productivity growth and remaining trapped by the limitations of an increasingly outmoded business model, which is why it must be earmarked as a key strategic priority.

Reimagining a business in this digital age is not just a kneejerk response to changing market expectations, but a cultural transformation that affects everything from business processes to the nature of the customer experience. It is a process that requires focus, time, investment and perhaps most crucially, the right talent.

Do you encourage a growth mindset?

Getting staff into the right mindset for front-line change, especially in large organisations where processes are very established, can be incredibly difficult. The key to success lies in clear communication and delegation throughout all levels of the business, from senior management to entry level staff. Employees need to feel empowered to take ownership of projects and perceive themselves as key players in the organisational change. The cultural and operational shift will inevitably result in mistakes, in which case the meaning of failure will need to be re-defined, and staff should be encouraged to take risks and be less disheartened by errors and misjudgements.

Where do you find the skills you need for a digital workplace?

New technologies are emerging constantly, and many organisations lack the level of reactivity needed to keep existing employees equipped with the skills required for maintaining pace with change. Supplanting this skills gap will likely require you to hire new staff, establishing a roster of skills that can be drawn on to deliver your digital transformation objectives.

“Research gathered for the 2019 Hays Technology Contractor Day Rate Guide showed that 94% of employers who engaged tech contractors within the past year experienced skills shortages when hiring. So, when it comes to finding the best tech talent in a skills short market, who can you trust with your recruitment needs?”

The probability, however, is that time is not likely to be on your side, and specialist contractors may be the best solution. Contractors who have helped to lead digital transformation across a myriad of different organisations and potentially, industry sectors, will have a wealth of skills and diverse experience to draw on in the delivery of your projects. In addition to helping you execute your digital transformation projects, contractors are also a very valuable resource when it comes to upskilling existing teams and managing the resistance to change that may be present within your current workforce.

The right talent, however, can be difficult to find.

How Hays can help

Hays is the UK’s leading technology recruiter, working with numerous organisations to place thousands of candidates each year. We know how to find the best people, engage with them and match them better than any other recruiter.

We recruit for a number of roles within technology including cyber security, data and advanced analytics, development, cloud and infrastructure, enterprise resource planning, leadership, projects and change management, testing and telecoms. By building and maintaining networks around the UK from those with entry level experience through to leadership and CIO level, we are able to engage with niche professionals with relevant skills and experience on a regular basis.

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