Apprenticeships are the key to industry’s future growth

John Henry

Training and up-skilling your work force is integral to survival after the covid-19 lockdown, says Gloucestershire-based Apprenticeship Management Group.

The company that looks after apprenticeship programmes for organisations such as the Coventry-based Builders Merchants FederationElectrical Distributors Association, British Coating Federation and British Furniture Makers Association have seen a rise in interest and apprenticeship uptake from those organisations in preparation for their businesses reopening and those that have just opened under government guidance.

“Businesses have to adapt, there are new practices and procedures to adopt so there are learning and development opportunities,” said Apprenticeship Management Group managing director, John Henry.

“In the building industry as well as the retail sector there is and will be increased hygiene and social distancing measures in place so once lockdown measures start to be lifted, they will need to adapt rapidly.

“We are working with companies that have apprenticeship levy to spend and are looking to how they adapt post-Covid-19. We would also recommend looking at it if you are not a levy payer as you can also look at using it to your advantage now.

“Apprentices are a valuable investment for any organisation. And we know from the businesses that we work with, and provide apprenticeships for, in times of difficulty it is often the apprentices who prove among the most valuable staff, delivering the frontline services that help keep businesses afloat.”

John added: “Apprentices can be your accountants, marketing or managers in time or you can use programmes to retrain or up-skill existing staff. Some apprentices who are being up-skilled have been furloughed by their current employers and are therefore able to spend more time focusing on their apprenticeships via digital platforms.”