Advanced Oxford undertakes major study on county companies driving green recovery

Photo shows: Sarah Hayward Price, Advanced Oxford
Sarah Hayward Advanced Oxford 2

Advanced Oxford, the membership organisation for those leading the biggest knowledge-intensive companies across the Oxford region, is launching an in-depth study into Oxfordshire-based science and technology businesses which are that  driving the UK’s green recovery.

Many Oxfordshire companies are developing technology to help the UK transition to a greener, low carbon, more sustainable economy. Advanced Oxford’s report will contain case studies on a wide range of small businesses coming up with fresh ideas and technologies. The research will also produce a Directory of companies involved in the ecosystem, their areas of work and their technology. It will provide visibility across the breadth of innovation and increased opportunities for collaboration and networking.

Advanced Oxford’s report will contribute to policy formation by providing insight, case studies, analysis and recommendations in support of growth.  We will examine what is needed to support the growth of these industries and technologies, looking at enablers and barriers to growth, with recommendations for action.

Sarah Haywood, Advanced Oxford’s Managing Director said, “This is an incredibly important time for the voice of innovative, science-based companies and organisations to be heard.  Government is looking at how to move from the current crisis to economic recovery.  The Knowledge Economy will be at the heart of future growth.  Our job is to provide evidence and insight from business to support decision making and policy development.”

Advanced Oxford plans to publish its report and recommendations on green recovery later in the year.  Details of the project, along with ways to get involved, including adding company details to the Directory and participating in a survey, can be found on Advanced Oxford’s website

Advanced Oxford’s members come from R&D based/innovative companies working across the county. Its membership also includes Oxford’s two Universities, the NHS through Oxford Academic Health Science Network and providers of innovation infrastructure and support.

The organisation is research-led, providing analysis and a united voice for our members on the key issues affecting the development of the innovation ecosystem in the Oxford region. It is working to support the long-term development and success of the Oxford region as a place to live and work.