Adults can now develop vital digital skills at Malvern Hills Science Park

Malvern part time digital skills courses

A college group has launched a series of new courses at Malvern Hills Science Park to help adults develop vital digital skills.

WCG will start delivering the new part-time adult courses from its Malvern Hills Centre for Digital & Cyber Technology, which is at the business centre on Geraldine Road, from September.

The courses aim to support adults looking to gain digital and cyber skills required by employers in this growing local, regional and national sector.

The provision has been designed to meet the needs of local employers in the area and will be run in association with the Cisco Networking Academy.

Courses include a five-week Introduction to Cyber Security course and fourteen week CCNAv7: Introduction to Networks course.

The Introduction to Networks course will be the first in a series of three courses offered at the centre to gain the CCNAv7 qualification, with details of the Routing and Switching, and the Security courses still to be announced.

Malvern Hills Centre for Digital & Cyber Technology will also hold a 30-week part-time course to gain a BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Computer Systems and Networks.

Steve Ellis, Head of Department for Digital & Cyber Technologies at WCG, said: “The part-time courses being delivered from our centre at the Malvern Hills Science Park will cover key skills in the digital and cyber sector.

“The new courses have been designed to meet skill needs locally, regionally and nationally, and will prepare students in a sector which is constantly developing and growing.

“Malvern Hills Science Park is the perfect location to hold these courses as many of the businesses on the park specialise in the subject areas we will be focusing on.

“The courses will be taught by Cisco Academy instructors and will range from learning how to be safe on the internet, all the way up to network infrastructure.”

Angela Joyce, CEO of WCG, added: “We’re pleased to be delivering this new provision in Malvern to support adults to develop key skills in digital and cyber.

“The adult-part time courses join our growing T Level offer at the Malvern Hills Centre for Digital & Cyber Technology, and all of the courses being held at the science park have been identified as being able to support the development of priority skills to support Malvern businesses.”