Adlens Taskmaster’s ‘switch-focus’ glasses give patients access to clear, comfortable vision


Oxford-based optical innovators Adlens has unveiled its Taskmaster lens system.

It says this is the first totally new prescription response to presbyopia* in half a century. Using revolutionary – and yet remarkably easy to use – lenses, Taskmaster addresses the inevitable near and intermediate deterioration of vision in the over forty-fives. The Taskmaster lens system is designed to reduce the frustrations of Presbyopia that challenge us all.

*Presbyopia is an age-related condition where the eye’s lens doesn’t change shape as easily as it once did.

It’s the first real alternative to varifocals, occupational eyewear, or wearing multiple pairs of glasses. Simply put, the Taskmaster lens system is like having three pairs of glasses in one. They allow the wearer to see clearly and comfortably at any distance again.

Lifestyle changes in recent years mean we are spending more time focusing at near and middle distances, be it professionally, socially, or out and about in our day-to-day lives. The increased use of phones, computers and screens generally is a generational shift which has highlighted this change in our visual needs. Traditional varifocals are designed to work at distance and near but the areas we spend a large proportion of our lives in now, the near and middle distances, are inevitably compromised.

The innovative bit of Taskmaster is the interplay between two overlapping lenses. You slide them, with a simple touch of your fingertips into one of three settings, each setting gives you access to a different focal zone (Adlens call them ‘personal’, ‘social’ and ‘outlook’). Together they cover all a person’s visual needs from near to far. This lens wizardry is made possible by using Alvarez Powershift technology combined with premium varifocal design.  Put simply, Adlens has created the world’s first three-zone switchable prescription lens system.

It is an important addition to the portfolio of products currently available to opticians, who understand the frustrations of their patients when it comes to dealing with presbyopia. Until now that has meant prescribing traditional varifocals or multiple pairs of glasses. With the Taskmaster lens system there is now a totally new alternative that gives sharp, comfortable vision at any distance.

Chief Executive of Adlens, John Kennedy, explains the motivation that led to Taskmaster’s breakthrough: “Every individual’s vision is such an important part of being able to live a fulfilling life. Our team is driven to providing greater access to better vision. As we get older Presbyopia may be inevitable, but the impact can be dramatically reduced. Taskmaster’s lens technology does exactly that. If you squint, strain or crane uncomfortably to see clearly, or waste time hunting for the right pair of specs – take a look at Taskmaster”

The Taskmaster range of lenses and frames will initially be available at a select group of independent opticians across the UK, followed by a wider roll out later in the year.

Prices are comparable to a premium varifocal lens and frame.





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