Active Building Centre appoints new Chief Executive

Active Building centre Dan Cook

The Active Building Centre, a government funded research and technological organisation setup to help accelerate the UK’s drive towards net-zero carbon by transforming the way buildings are powered and heated, today  ABC announces the appointment of its new CEO, Dan Cook.

Dan has been initially appointed on an interim basis until September to help the organisation complete delivery of UKRI’s Transforming Construction Challenge programme and to lead ABC in its next stage of development in promoting systems thinking between buildings and energy systems.

Chair of the Active Building Centre Board Keith Clarke said:  “We were impressed with Dan’s enthusiasm and his background, not only on the climate and sustainability agenda but also in helping organisations focus by setting out a clear strategic vision. These are skills we look forward to Dan bringing to the Active Building Centre as we look to grow and develop.

Dan Cook, CEO of the Active Building Centre, added: “With energy prices driving the cost of living crisis and a renewed focus on the drive to net zero, we are at a major turning point as an industry. It will be vital that our buildings are not only carbon-neutral, but also use energy as intelligently and efficiently as possible through active generation, management and storage of energy. This will help reduce costs for consumers and contribute more green electricity to the grid.

“I am passionate about making change happen and the built environment is ripe for that change. I can’t wait to work with business and government to continue driving this transformation and a just energy transition for all.”

Dan will be helping to guide the next phase of the ABC’s strategic growth, as the construction and buildings industry moves forward on its journey to net zero. He will also draw on his industry relationships and track record of successful private sector collaboration to further develop the ABC’s partnerships.

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