Abingdon’s Tokamak Energy applies magnet tech outside fusion energy in Swiss deal

Tokamak Energy & Paul Scherrer Institute

Tokamak Energy, the private company based at Milton Park in Oxfordshire, which is working to develop compact fusion power, has entered into a Collaboration and License Agreement with Switzerland-based Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) for the use of Tokamak Energy’s proprietary non-insulated high temperature superconducting (HTS) magnet technology for use in PSI’s accelerator and beam line applications.

The magnet technology is based around the use of REBCO (Rare Earth – Barium – Copper Oxide) HTS tape and has been developed by Tokamak Energy as part of its mission to deliver fusion energy. The magnets developed are extremely robust, reliable and can be manufactured rapidly to high quality.

This is the first application of Tokamak Energy’s magnet technology outside its core application of fusion energy and is a further validation of the company’s position as one of the world leaders in the field.

The Paul Scherrer Institute plans to use this technology to develop a prototype Superbend magnet for a future beamline upgrade of it Swiss Light Source synchrotron.

Jonathan Carling, CEO of Tokamak Energy said, “We are excited by the opportunity of working collaboratively with one of the world’s leading research establishments in PSI and seeing our unique magnet technology utilised in new applications. This is a further endorsement of our world leading magnet technology”

Bernhard Auchmann, project leader at PSI, said, “The NI coil technology of Tokamak Energy is innovative and incredibly robust. We want to show that it is the right choice for future upgrades of the Swiss Light Source. Collaborating with Tokamak Energy, and licensing their technology, will accelerate our R & D by years and help to lend credibility to our ambitious goals.”