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Kirsty and Nicky

The next few months will be tough for us all. So what can we do to help?

When we set up Business & Innovation Magazine in 2017, we did it to support the wider business community – and never have we needed to do that more so than now. Thankfully, over the last three years we’ve built up a huge network of people and businesses who read our magazine and visit our daily news B2B website, and we’re going to make sure we deploy that power to support as many businesses as we can by giving you an opportunity to talk to our thousands of readers.

For some businesses, survival will be a struggle. Many others will come through this, few will come through unscathed. We can be a shop window for your business. We will share your company news as much and as widely as we can.

We also want to hear how your business is dealing with the Coronavirus. Here’s our story…

As a publishing company, we are in the relatively fortunate position of being able to adapt to working remotely. But Covid-19 has hit our busy events schedule. So for the next few months we are retrenching to our core business of publishing editorially-driven newsworthy stories and features to encourage, inspire and show that while much of the world is temporarily in lockdown, other business-critical companies are keeping the wheels turning.

Many businesses must keep going – the medical companies, engineers and manufacturers and food-production companies and their supply chain are among hundreds of companies which are critical to this region, and to Britain as a whole.

At Business & Innovation Magazine, we’ve already had to take heart-breaking decisions: to not offer a job to a talented new member of staff and to reduce our reliance on freelancers. That’s upset me more than anything – because I worked as a freelancer journalist and PR consultant for many years so it was the last thing I wanted to do, but we must protect our cashflow in order to pay the salaries of our existing staff, who rely on us for all their income, not just some of it.

I feel deep sorrow for a number of sectors in particular: For the leisure and entertainment sector. How on earth are they going to weather this tsunami? For the self-employed, many of whom have already seen thousands of pounds of promised work evaporate.

Lawyers, accountants, qualified business advisers – your calm advice is needed now more than ever. Please use us to share that advice.

In the meantime, keep visiting our B2B news website. There are new stories on here every day and the more we work together, the more we can overcome the toughest times we’ve experienced in business.

We are busy writing our next May/June issue which will be out and landing on desks across the region on the 4th May.

On behalf my co-director Kirsty Muir and I, and of the whole team at NK Media Ltd, we hope you stay safe and well and as a team look forward to continue to work with you during these unprecedented times.


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