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Robin Road is a new platform that enables SMEs to have their own, native mobile app in a way that is affordable.

An app is all about convenience.

In today’s uber-information age, where you can Google anything and learn nothing, people expect to take out their phone and tap a few buttons to instantly get the information they want.

Whenever and wherever they may need it.

Larger businesses and organisations are setting the bar very high when it comes to using apps to improve the customer experience; and apps are becoming more prominent across many business and community sectors.

The need for contemporary customer engagement is the same for SMEs as for the bigger names but the high cost and complexity of bespoke app development is prohibitive.

Robin Road was created very much with small business and organisations in mind; our pricing is only £75 – £150 per month. Our technical infrastructure has been designed to present a considerable amount of information. With simple, sensible and flexible presentation, lightning fast navigation and push notifications for proactive communications.

For product and service information; rules, regulations, policies and procedures; technical specifications; member profiles and contact information; key dates and events; newsletters, blogs, case studies, articles and minutes; comprehensive trade directories, etc.

All together in one place. Quickly and easily available. Anytime and anywhere.


Download Robin Road from App Store or Google Play

T: 0330 113 5421 E:21@robinroad.uk