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OxTech Fest is a new two-day virtual festival celebrating the tech industry, creating connections amongst tech innovators and helping companies foster diversity and gender balance in the industry.

With a fantastic array of panels, speakers and networking, here are a highlight of six of the events taking place.

Day 1 – September 7th

  • The Wide World of Immersive Technologies – Immersive technologies are being used throughout a number of industries to develop a new way of learning, engaging and communicating. These technologies include Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. This panel will highlight some of the varied uses in commerce, gaming and mental health and how we may be seeing more commercial use of these technologies in the future. Featuring Leigh Davidson (Marxent), Mansata Kurang (VR Revival) and Tara Reddy (LoveShark).
  • How to get started in tech – Tech can appear to be an elusive industry with no way in, but our panellists will demystify breaking into the industry, discussing different routes available. The UK has identified that it is moving toward a digital skills shortage, developing these skills opens up access to many different careers, from designing games to sending satellites into space. Featuring Manju Henry (RAL Space) and Gori Yahaya (UpSkill Digital)
  • Going Beyond Earth – Space Technology has developed at a rapid rate which has allowed progression far beyond what we thought was possible. In this panel we will talk about the exciting technologies that are being worked on in space tech, and explore how the panellists got to where they are today. Featuring Mamatha Maheshwarappa (RAL Space) and Joanna Hart (Harwell Space Cluster).

Day 2 – September 8th

  • Thinking Ethically about your business – With the growth of Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology, the need to ensure that AI is responsible and ethical when implementing it in new ventures is more important than ever. Our panellists will discuss how AI can be used in business practices and how it can lead to better business outcomes. Featuring Maria Axente (PwC UK) and Selin Nugent (Institute for Ethical AI).
  • Neurodiversity in Tech – Neurodiversity remains an overlooked issue in employment, this extends to the tech industry. However, a growing number of companies are recognising that employees who think differently provide them with a competitive advantage. This panel will provide an open discussion on the benefits of neurodiversity and the strengths these employees bring. Featuring Marie-Clare Fenech (Tech for DisAbility), Heather Payne (Sky) and Afua Danquah (Sky).
  • Autonomous Vehicles: Trust, Commercialisation and Technological Innovation – Exploring the interplay between autonomous vehicles technology and broad discussions in the AI community around trustworthiness. Panellists will discuss where autonomous vehicle technology is right now, how the technology is being commercialised and reducing the cost of autonomous vehicles. Featured Professor Subramanian Ramoorthy (Five AI), Andrew Bradley (Oxford Brookes Racing) and Holly Watson Nall (StreetDrone).

With more speakers and panels being added ahead of the festival, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for the latest updates!

To see the full schedule of events, visit the OxTech Fest website! You can also find more about our supporters, awards and latest updates.

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