11,000 mile trip to run Cotswold Family Hotel

The Starkey family are getting into Tetbury life

The Priory Inn in Tetbury, Gloucestershire welcomes a new management family via Tasmania and Sussex.

The Arkell’s Brewery-owned 14-bedroom hotel will now be managed by husband and wife team – Matt and Natalie Starkey, along with their two children, Tommy, 11, and Zoe, eight years old. Prior to their current role, the family ran their own restaurant in Australia.

The venue, with operated a ’30 mile’ radius food sourcing policy, will have a menu and service makeover under its new management, who want to make the venue “accessible to all and a great destination for the family,” co-owner Natalie says.

“We have come from a pub in Battle in Sussex to Tetbury to raise our children in a beautiful town and to try our hand at running a bigger venue,” the new Priory chef and manager Matt said. “It is a lovely area and we have already met so many great people.

“Having had my own restaurant before and doing my own butchery I really want to overhaul what the offering is here .  It is important to have classics  like ham, egg and chips but I will also be having a pork special as I have already developed a relationship with Plump Hill Farm, to use their Gloucester Old Spot. We will be doing our own sausages and other bits to utilise what is a great local ingredient.

“I will be sourcing from the allotment, at the back of the hotel, when it is ready to go as well as using herbs from the amazing garden at the front of the building.”

When asked what he would recommend , his early enthusiasm showed: “Loads of burgers or the trio of local lamb, rack, rump, lamb chop, mint red wine jus. Maybe the gambas, chanterelles, baked Camembert, the lot.”


George Arkell, Managing Director at Arkell’s Brewery said “We’re really excited to have Matt, Natalie and their family at The Priory Inn.”