10 website and e-commerce mistakes to avoid:

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With more users than ever, the internet has become a fundamental aspect of modern life; allowing us to do almost everything from shopping, to booking GP appointments, without needing to go outside.

It is therefore vital that your website provides users with an easy, efficient experience they won’t mind repeating – here are 10 of the most annoying mistakes to avoid:

  1. Slow loading speed: statistics show that 47% of online consumers expect a site to load within two seconds; leave users waiting too long for content, and they’re likely to move on to one of your competitors. Reducing content, optimising images and changing your hosting provider can however help to improve your site speed.
  2. Not having an SSL certificate: SSL certificates are the easiest way to provide assurance to your customers that you’re a valid retail provider and that any data provided, or payments taken are 100% secure – without one, customers will be wary of your site and may shop elsewhere.
  3. Unresponsive design: with a dramatic increase in mobile and tablet use, it’s imperative that websites are optimised (so they adapt to different screen sizes) in order to not only ensure a stress-free user experience and retain customers, but also help with search engine (Google) rankings.
  4. Complicated navigation: if the navigation is too complicated, people may get frustrated and be less likely to enquire about a service or buy a product. By streamlining your navigation, you are simplifying the user journey, and making the user experience simple and engaging.
  5. Automatic modals/pop-ups: users don’t want to be bombarded with pop-ups advertising a mailing list or offers, especially if it prevents them getting to a service or product. A/B tests are a good way to see which of your calls-to-action (CTAs) are the most effective (or off-putting) and ultimately help to retain more of your visitors.
  6. Autoplay multimedia: having multimedia (such as audio or video) on your site can help to showcase your products or services, but it needs to be used in the right way – nobody wants to unexpectedly have music blaring from their computer! Make your multimedia optional to play, and you’re more likely to keep people on your website.
  7. Using poor quality imagery: poor quality imagery is one of the most common ecommerce mistakes and top causes of missed conversions. As the customer is unable to physically see or hold the item, it’s vital that they can view a clear, true-tolife image (ideally through high-res, quality imagery, zoom functionality and/or video).
  8. Lack of promotional tools: a key goal of any site is to maintain the user’s interest, until they complete a conversion. A lack of promotional tools and prompts (such as CTAs, ‘related products’ or ‘customers also bought’) can however cause the user to lose interest and shop elsewhere, so it’s vital they are included.
  9. Not utilising lifecycle emails: people like to shop comparatively, so will often fill their basket to buy items later; however, if they return and the items are no longer available, they may abandon the purchase altogether. Items therefore need to be stored (for access later) or email cycles put in place to remind users about them and prompt to ‘buy now’.
  10. Not including reviews: most people will be influenced by someone else’s experience when buying a product, and favour websites which provide product reviews over those that do not. By encouraging users to provide post-purchase feedback, you’re already one step ahead of your competitors.

Ultimately, the most important job of any website is to make life easier for the user. If you can provide your products or services clearly, securely and with a quick and efficient user journey, you’re more likely to have customers who both want to return, and who will recommend you to others.

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